Thinking of insolvency in Perth or Western Australia?  

Insolvency is increasing, with 7,498 corporate insolvent reports recorded in Australia from July 2022 to June 2023.  Western Australia had 11% of these cases, meaning around 791 companies were forced into bankruptcy or exited their business operations by declaring themselves insolvent. 

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Insolvency Perth and Western Australia

There are always several reasons why a company would declare itself insolvent. However, warning signs you should not ignore include:

    • Creditors who do not wish to extend your debt facility with you

    • Dwindling sales, as well as the customer base, falling

    • Suppliers are cutting off deliveries as they wait for pending payments

    • Having the ATO pursue you for unpaid taxes or superannuation obligations

    Insolvencies were across several industries in WA. However, the top five sectors affected in WA were:

      • Business and Personal Services

      • Construction

      • Accommodation and Food Services

      • Retail Trade

      • Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services

      If you need financial assistance for your business, don’t hesitate to contact Andrew Bell. He can provide a solution that will work best with the situation. Andrew has the experience you need when it comes to financial advice.

      He’s been providing this service for over 30 years, providing WA insolvency solutions and knows how complex Insolvency can be for individuals and small businesses.

      Andrew has provided financial advice to individuals, small business owners, and WA companies in liquidation for the past 30 years. With his extensive industry experience in both finances and running businesses himself, he can give you a plan that will work towards your goal of becoming financially free with knowledgeable guidance on every matter he or our team’s insolvency experts handle.

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      Andrew's clients come to him because they know they are getting the best service possible. With the support of the expert team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre, he has been helping people and company directors make intelligent financial choices and advised on different options to achieve business financial stability for over 30 years.

      Get a complimentary first consultation by calling 1300 887 210 to find out about your options and receive expert advice on Business Insolvency and Business Liquidation.

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      With over 30 years of experience in debt solutions and insolvency in Australia, Andrew can find a solution for you.

      “Nothing is more satisfying to me than knowing that I’ve helped someone get back on their feet by guiding them through the insolvency process. Rest assured, you’re in good hands with me as we solve your financial problems together.”

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