Business Restructuring Services

We understand that your company is not just a job; it’s an investment. That’s why our experienced Business Restructuring Services team offers tailored solutions for any size enterprise with their eyes on the bottom line!

The team provides strategic advice and effective solutions to companies in need. They work with owners, directors or management teams on developing strategies that will help their business succeed – often this means corporate strategy and debt restructures depending upon your specific situation.

Bankruptcy Advisory Centre -Business Restructuring Services

Business Restructuring Services

  • Operational Restructure
  • Information systems
  • Process; procurement, production, distribution
  • Cost control
  • Markets and marketing
  • Human resources
  • Capitalisation
  • Cost Restructuring.
  • Legal Restructuring.
  • Debt Reduction.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Divestment & Spin-Offs

We have experience in a vast range of industries, including manufacturing and real estate. Our work includes everything from construction to technology retail energy financial service providers

Our company can handle any size project – small businesses just need one call for an initial consultation.

The Australian government recently announced Insolvency Reform Plans that will enable many organizations to restructure their business without going into Administration but still receive an umbrella, giving them time and protection for a shrinking process.

The traditional, expensive and onerous model of Administration is a thing of the past. You can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business will be handled professionally with our proven turnaround practices. Your business is in the best of hands as we utilise these reforms to employ proven, innovative strategies that will make your company more profitable and efficient without compromising on control at any time.

The proposed new system will apply to businesses with liabilities of less than $1 million (AUD), employee entitlements are paid up to date, and all tax lodgements have been submitted. Once you enter the process, there is a 20-day window in which we work with you to develop an effective plan for creditors; they must then decide whether or not they wish to accept your proposal within this given time frame.

The Administration proposal is designed to reduce costs, streamline the process and remove mandatory meetings/ reporting requirements.

Andrew Bell

Expert Insolvency Advisor

Andrew’s clients come to him because they know they are getting the best service possible. With the support of the expert team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre, he has been helping people and company directors make intelligent financial choices and advised on different options to achieve business financial stability for over 30 years.

Get a complimentary first consultation by calling 1300 887 210 to find out about your options and receive expert advice on Business Insolvency and Business Liquidation.

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